How to get to/Where is Mouse Rabbit (Mobit)? Super Junior Yehsung’s cafe.


Mouse Rabbit cafe is owned by Super Junior member Yehsung’s family. It is a beautiful little two story cafe that is very homely and welcoming for visitors.

ADDRESS: 5-14 Hwayang-dong (10 Neungdong-ro 11-gil)Gwangjin-gu, SeoulSouth Korea
METRO STOP: Konkuk University Station (건대입구역) Exit 2

Mobit is a five minute walk from the station.

IMG_3629IMG_3632You’ll want to go out exit 2.

IMG_3638After you’ve ventured down the stairs, you’ll want to turn left. There is a angel-in-us cafe there on the corner so you’ll know you’re going the right way.


Go straight from there and keep on walking until you reach The Girl shop and a Samsung Mobile shop. This may change to different stores and I’ll try to keep you updated as they change.
IMG_3647 IMG_3649

Here you’ll want to go down the alley between the shops to reach Mouse Rabbit Cafe.IMG_3650


RECOMMENDATIONS: I, myself, like their frappes. The chocolate mint is to die for on a hot day. Mobit also offers an arrangement of merchandise you can buy from them that changes with the seasons. Very cute stuff to take home as souvenirs.

WHAT (NOT) TO DO THERE: Do not, and I repeat, DO. NOT. take pictures behind the counter at Mobit. Yesung goes there a lot since he started his military service but you MUST NOT take his pictures right now!!! Please try not to disturb staff or ask for pictures with Yehsung’s family as this is a work place and isn’t an event you can attend.


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