Hey guys, so I’ve been quite inactive on this blog, not because I haven’t been going to things or whatever, but because there’s very little outside of what’s already on this blog that I do so there’s no reason to have any more than just what’s here. But I should say that I’m actually…moving to Japan in a few months hahaha. But that might mean that when I come to Korea I’ll probably do more fanbased things than before and be able to write about them. As of now, whatever is posted here is pretty much the only things I do (go to the artrium, go to music shows. the end. I’m really boring) so there hasn’t been a need to write much more than I have been. I’m not closing this down, in fact I’ll probably add to it more than before cause I’ll be back to Korea more like a tourist in the upcoming years! Instead I might make a codex sister blog for doing kpop/jpop fandom things in Japan called Japan Codex…but that’s for another time.

Thanks for reading!


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