[review] 2013.02.14 TVXQ/KRY/ZE:A/Poseidon Valentine’s Day Concert

K-POP Poseidon Concert 2013.02.14 8PM

CAST: TVXQ, Super Junior KRY, ZE:A, Choi Shiwon, Lee Siyoung
WHERE: Ilsan KINTEX Exhibition Hall 5
TICKETS: interpark

This concert, comparatively to others I’ve been to here in Korea, was way too short for how much we paid for it. The cheapest seats were W100,000 ($92) and the most expensive was W250,000 ($230). The concert was about 2 hours long and each group only sang about 4 songs with short ments from each. I think I would have felt less annoyed if the groups had interacted with each other, even if it was just for a bit at the end. I was looking forward to some ChangKyu interaction, but was severely denied.

Not that the boys themselves weren’t perfect. They were more than perfect, I’m just disappointed I wasn’t able to enjoy their perfection for longer.

I loved Super Junior KRY’s  suits and their voices are perfect and yes, I’m very bias when it comes to my boys. Their stage was very sparkly and suited them well. I was unfortunately trying to get back to my seat during Kyuhyun’s solo so I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as I would have liked to.

Shiwon’s little segment was next with Lee Siyoung. They spent what felt like hours talking about their drama. I, myself, have no cares about Kdramas whatsoever, so I was bored to tears listening to them go on about it.

I don’t know much about ZE:A except what I’ve seen of them in passing. The only two people I know is Dongjun and Hyungsik if only because I’ve trolled Dongjun before and Hyungsik did that musical with Ryeowook. After watching their performance for the concert, I really wish I had the energy to become a fan. I enjoyed their charisma and their songs are quite catchy.

Last but not least was TVXQ. As per usual, they threw their everything into their performances and never disappoint me with their energy. My favourite is Changmin and he had a lot of smiles during their ment.

What helped a lot for this concert was the fact that they had a Japanese translator. Many of the fans were Japanese and it made it easier for some of us to understand what was going on.

Overall, I felt like they could have done less Shiwon and more group interaction. Or at least charged less.

Super Junior KRY – Sorry Sorry Answer, From U
Kyuhyun Solo – The Way to Break Up
ZE:A –  Phoenix, Run To You, Shining Star, & Aftermath
TVXQ – Catch Me, Humanoids, Keep Your Head Down, Rising Sun



[Review] SMTown Concert III in Seoul

WHERE: Jamshil Olympic Stadium 서울종합운동장
TICKETS: gmarket

SUMMARY: (From Wikipidia) SM Town is the name for the artists under Korean record label SM Entertainment. Each year the company organizes their artists to come together and perform on a four to six hours long concert that tours around the world.

REVIEW:I’m sure there were many like me who waited years in order to go to this concert. I was able to score some nice seats on the ground made even better when we moved ourselves to the railing and was able to stay there.

It started with a ‘flag ceremony’ which is pretty much a rip off of the olympic games except with a running commentary by SMTown MCs Eeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Shindong. Oh, and instead of British volunteers, the flag bearers were escorted by an SM artist. Which made where me and my friends were sitting one of the best places EVER.

I practically died for every DBSK song because hearing rising sun and mirotic rips your heart out if you’re a DB5K fan like me. To tell the truth, the concert read more like a Super Show/SHINee World concert with guests. Not that I minded that much since I’m a fan of all of SMTown, I just wish that some of the other groups had more songs and that they did more SMTown songs or did more ‘history’ sort of songs (like old H.O.T songs or something).

Here’s the set list for this concert. Very impressive for a five hour show!

1. Opening Song – Jonghyun, Changmin, BoA, Luna, Yesung, Taeyeon, D.O, Chen and Luhan
2. The Grace – One More Chance
3. Zhang LiYi
4. Chu Ga Yeoul – Vincent
5. f(x) – Pinocchi
6. f(x) – Hot Summer
7. Kim Min Jong
8. Like A G6 – Key & Kris & Amber
9. Changmin & Kyuhyun (with Taemin)- Just The Way You Are
10. EunHae – Oppa Oppa
11. EXO – History
12. EXO – MAMA
13. Taeyeon – Devil’s Cry
14. SNSD – Run Devil Run
15. SNSD – Genie
15. SJ & f(x) – Oops
16. SHINee with Luhan – Lucifer
17. Super Junior – Superman
18. Super Junior – Don’t Don
19. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
20. Super Junior – Bonamana
21. SHINee – Juliette
22. SHINee – Love Like Oxygen
23. Ryeowook & DO – Missing You (Fly To The Sky)
24. TTS – Twinkle
25. DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again – TTS, D.O, Luhan, Sehun, Chanyeol
26. Dance Battle (Yunho, Eunhyuk, Tao, Kai, Taemin, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Victoria)
27. Rising Sun Dance Stage – Yunho, Taemin and Kai
28. BoA – Hurricane Venus
29. BoA – Not Over U
30. BoA – The Shadow
31. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
32. Super Junior-M – Perfection (Korean ver.)
33. Super Junior – A-CHa
34. SNSD – Mr. Taxi (Korean ver.)
35. Jonghyun & Taemin – Internet War
36. TVXQ – Maximum
37. TVXQ – Mrotic
38. TVXQ – Keep Your Head Down
39. SNSD – Gee
40. SNSD – Kissing You
41. Super Junior – Dancing Out
42. BoA feat. Taemin – Only One
43. f(x) – Electric Shock
44. SHINee – Sherlock
45. SNSD – The Boys
46. Super Junior – Sexy, Free & Single
47. TVXQ – Rising Sun
48. All Artists – Hope