Food Review: Teriyaki (Japanese Family Restaurant)

Teriyaki is a chain of Japanese Family Restaurants in Korea. I just recently visited one myself and found it to be upclass but cheap.

WHERE IS IT: Everywhere in Seoul. For a full listing, please check here: Teriyaki Website
PRICE RANGE: Most of the food is in the 8~12,000 won range and there is options of sets that can be shared between friends.
TYPE OF FOOD: Katsu, Udons, and fish.

My friend had their Rainbow roll, which is a californa roll topped with slices of raw fish and shrimp, fish roe, and some sort of green and orange sauce (i think one is spicy mayo). She found it delicious and thought it was worth coming again for.

I had their Cheese Katsu Roll which was katsu was folded up into a roll with cheese oozing out of the middle. It sounds quite nasty when I write it up, but the pictures outside of the establishment made me want to try it. It tasted like any other cheese Katsu I’ve had, but the presentation itself was quite interesting and worth the money I paid for it.

Each of these meals came with a small udon, a cream soup, and a number of sides (kimchi, dakon, cabbage salad, and pinaple pieces).

As of course, most of the food here has a Korean twist on it. Though it says Japanese Family Restaurants, I find it more accurate to say Korean Family Restaurant, except a little more pricy and a bit more fancy. I can’t say it’s the best restaurant around, but it’s not bad either. The atmostphere is definitely more calming than say a Kimbap-nara and the dishes are presented with better finesse. It also isn’t upscale or a place I’d visit just for the food. It’s what I’d have to classify as a middle restaurant: a place I’d visit again if I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to eat.