How to get to Grill5 Taco/Where is Grill5 Taco? (Super Junior Donghae’s Restaurant)

Grill5 Taco is a restaurant owned by Super Junior member Lee Donghae.

ADDRESS: 15 Seolleung-ro 152-gil (88-10 Cheongdam-dong) Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea ‎

METRO STOP: Apgujeong Rodeo Station (압구정로데오역) Exit 5

1Go out of exit 5 and head straight until you come to a Burger King


At the Burger King turn Left


Grill5 is located right after the Butterfingers Pancake restaurant.


RECOMMENDATIONS: I recommend the Seoul Fries which is big enough for two people. They tend to load their burritos and tacos with onions so it might be better ask for less of them if you wish. The nachos are free, but you must order the sauce for them separately. The menu is in English so you should have no problem ordering. The staff is very used to international staff so don’t hesitate to ask for help if there’s something you don’t understand.

WHAT (NOT) TO DO THERE: The boys come over to eat a lot, so please don’t disturb them when they do, despite it being a tempting thing to do.


How to get to/Where is Mouse Rabbit (Mobit)? Super Junior Yehsung’s cafe.


Mouse Rabbit cafe is owned by Super Junior member Yehsung’s family. It is a beautiful little two story cafe that is very homely and welcoming for visitors.

ADDRESS: 5-14 Hwayang-dong (10 Neungdong-ro 11-gil)Gwangjin-gu, SeoulSouth Korea
METRO STOP: Konkuk University Station (건대입구역) Exit 2

Mobit is a five minute walk from the station.

IMG_3629IMG_3632You’ll want to go out exit 2.

IMG_3638After you’ve ventured down the stairs, you’ll want to turn left. There is a angel-in-us cafe there on the corner so you’ll know you’re going the right way.


Go straight from there and keep on walking until you reach The Girl shop and a Samsung Mobile shop. This may change to different stores and I’ll try to keep you updated as they change.
IMG_3647 IMG_3649

Here you’ll want to go down the alley between the shops to reach Mouse Rabbit Cafe.IMG_3650


RECOMMENDATIONS: I, myself, like their frappes. The chocolate mint is to die for on a hot day. Mobit also offers an arrangement of merchandise you can buy from them that changes with the seasons. Very cute stuff to take home as souvenirs.

WHAT (NOT) TO DO THERE: Do not, and I repeat, DO. NOT. take pictures behind the counter at Mobit. Yesung goes there a lot since he started his military service but you MUST NOT take his pictures right now!!! Please try not to disturb staff or ask for pictures with Yehsung’s family as this is a work place and isn’t an event you can attend.

How to get to 돈까스타/Where is 돈까스타? (Infinite Hoya’s Restaurant)



Outside Question: How big of an Infinite fan are you? Even if your answer is “I don’t actually know who that is?” you should still check out this restaurant. It’s called “tonkastar (돈까스타)” and is owned by Infinite member Hoya.

ADDRESS: 153-22 Bupyeong 5(o)-dong (5 Sijang-ro 12beon-gil)
METRO STOP: Bupyeong Station (부평역) Line 1/Exit 20b
DIRECTIONS: The Bupyeong underground shopping center can be a real maze, but I’ll try to make it as easy to find your way as possible.


So once you get to the station, you’ll want to head toward exit 7 (but not actually go out exit seven) it’s just so you can find your way to this fountain here outside of the turnstiles (because even in the station, you can get lost).


Next you’ll want to locate the manoffin and take that long corridor right next to it.


Pretty much go straight down this, don’t turn anywhere! It’s called the “Orange Road” so just in case you get lost in a shop or something, you’ll remember which road you’re on. The signs on the ground really help.

You’ll hit a four-way at one point and you’ll still want to head straight, though your “Orange Road” will turn into a “Green Road” and there will be a sign overhead that looks like this:


Congratulations! You’ve found exit 20!!! Well not really. As you can see, you need to go where the arrow points toward 구 . 진선미. You’re also on the blue road now, so your floor sign should look like this:



So if you’ve been keeping up you should arrive at a fork, where one side leads up to exit 21, and the other to exit 20. Of course you want to go up exit 20!

There should be a sort of split of the stairs, take the left stairs (the narrower ones).


This is your destination street! Just go straight and take the first right and you’ve finally found the restaurant!


등심 돈까스 – (deungshim donkkas) The usual tonkatsu.
고구마 치즈 돈까스 – (goguma cheese donkkas) Sweet potato cheese tonkatsu.
치즈 돈까스 – (cheese donkkas) Cheese tonkatsu.
돈까스타 (퓨젼 다이어트 돈까스) – (donkkasuta) The ‘specialty’ of this restaurant. I think I remember this being that instead of rice, you get a salad. Supposed to be a “diet” sort of dish but there isn’t much of a difference between the regular tonkatsu and this except for the salad.
추가메뉴 왕만두 (3개) – (wangmandu) A side menu dish of 3 large mandu.
1인1식 기본주문 입니다 – 1 dish, 1 person. Meaning that each dish is made to serve one person.


SPECIAL MENU (hung on the door so I am unsure if this is a regular thing or a seasonal thing):
사누끼 우동 – (sanukki udong) Sanuki Udon
우동, 왕만두 새트 – (udong, wangmandu set) A set that includes the Udon and Mandu.

Drinks are self-served and is included with your dish. Remember that you must purchase a dish (not the side menu of mandu) in order to get a drink. Also for those of you wondering what sort of meat is used for the tonkatsu, it is pork (as usual for this dish). Udon is made with dashi (fish stock).

RECOMMENDATION: I had the regular tonkatsu, which tasted much like any other tonkatsu that I’ve had in Korea. I shared a plate of the mandu with my friends and that was pretty good. I think I want to try the udon next time.


WHAT YOU CAN DO: The place is a absolute SHRINE to the man who is Hoya. The walls are lined from ceiling to floor with his face.

The most interesting part of the cafe would definitely be the signboard where you can leave little notes to Hoya. They have post-its provided for you to use on the counter and a pen just in case you don’t have one.

It doesn’t seem like there are any restrictions for cameras that I could see, but please keep in mind that this is a business and not an amusement park. Take heed of your surroundings and also listen to the staff if they ask you to do something.