How to get to SM Town Artium/Where is the SM Town Artium


The SMTown Artium (I think it’s still pronounced ‘atrium’ but they were being clever) is a store created especially for SM Town artists, featuring many of their signature styles as well as souvenirs for you to buy. It also has a pop-up cafe, a studio for make up and photos, and a hologram theatre and event hall (some of these will not be open until mid-January)

METRO STOP: Samseong Station (삼성역) Exit 6 – COEX Mall (direct passageway)
DIRECTIONS: Just continue on straight out Exit 6 (there will be stairs and then a passageway of pillars) and it will open up to roofless open space with a bit of a pathway to the side for visitors of the mall. If you continue to go straight, there will be a sign telling you where the artium is and some escalators going up. Take those escalators and then turn right at the top and the glass doors should be right there (there should be lots of pillars with SM Artist names on them)

(I forgot to take them when going the first time I was too excited)

RECOMMENDATIONS: The pop-up cafe has a lot of different signatures of your favourite artists. When I went, I sat at Tao’s table. I really liked the Super Junior ice cream. I have yet to try their cakes or cupcakes, but don’t get the chocolate éclair. That didn’t taste very good at all.

WHAT (NOT) TO DO THERE: Try to listen to staff, especially if there are lines. Don’t cut as it’s unfair for those who stood behind you. Also it’s just rude. Don’t cut any line. Ever.


Where is SPAO in Myeongdong

SPAO Store

I’m almost positive this is going to be a number one stop for those of you who are into any of SM Entertainment artists. SPAO is SM Entertainment’s clothing store and Everysing is their souvenier store. The store in myeongdong is the easiest accessible and well stalked with all the goodies you could ever need.

ADDRESS: 24-23 Chungmuro 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
METRO STOP: Myeongdong Station (명동역) Line 4/Exit 6

The SPAO store is easy to find. Go up the two flights of stairs, exiting out of exit 6.

Turn left and go straight down that street until you hit the first intersection.

There should be a large Nature Republic on your left. Turn left at this intersection.

Go straight until you hit the SPAO sign. The store is to your left.

On the fourth floor is Everysing where you’ll find a karaoke room and photo booths that allow you to take pictures with your favorite SM Artists.

1. Money. I’m pretty sure you’ll be spending a lot of it.
2. A camera. You can take pictures of the large posters all over the place. However try to refrain from taking pictures of the merchandise because they will scold you. You also cannot take photos inside of Everysing. They used to let people, but for some reason they stopped people from doing so.

Sing karaoke and take some pictures with your favorite SM Artists. Buy clothing that is exclusively found at SPAO You can also have dinner at the Ashley’s on the fifth floor.