How to get to SM Town Artium/Where is the SM Town Artium


The SMTown Artium (I think it’s still pronounced ‘atrium’ but they were being clever) is a store created especially for SM Town artists, featuring many of their signature styles as well as souvenirs for you to buy. It also has a pop-up cafe, a studio for make up and photos, and a hologram theatre and event hall (some of these will not be open until mid-January)

METRO STOP: Samseong Station (삼성역) Exit 6 – COEX Mall (direct passageway)
DIRECTIONS: Just continue on straight out Exit 6 (there will be stairs and then a passageway of pillars) and it will open up to roofless open space with a bit of a pathway to the side for visitors of the mall. If you continue to go straight, there will be a sign telling you where the artium is and some escalators going up. Take those escalators and then turn right at the top and the glass doors should be right there (there should be lots of pillars with SM Artist names on them)

(I forgot to take them when going the first time I was too excited)

RECOMMENDATIONS: The pop-up cafe has a lot of different signatures of your favourite artists. When I went, I sat at Tao’s table. I really liked the Super Junior ice cream. I have yet to try their cakes or cupcakes, but don’t get the chocolate éclair. That didn’t taste very good at all.

WHAT (NOT) TO DO THERE: Try to listen to staff, especially if there are lines. Don’t cut as it’s unfair for those who stood behind you. Also it’s just rude. Don’t cut any line. Ever.


How to get to Grill5 Taco/Where is Grill5 Taco? (Super Junior Donghae’s Restaurant)

Grill5 Taco is a restaurant owned by Super Junior member Lee Donghae.

ADDRESS: 15 Seolleung-ro 152-gil (88-10 Cheongdam-dong) Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea ‎

METRO STOP: Apgujeong Rodeo Station (압구정로데오역) Exit 5

1Go out of exit 5 and head straight until you come to a Burger King


At the Burger King turn Left


Grill5 is located right after the Butterfingers Pancake restaurant.


RECOMMENDATIONS: I recommend the Seoul Fries which is big enough for two people. They tend to load their burritos and tacos with onions so it might be better ask for less of them if you wish. The nachos are free, but you must order the sauce for them separately. The menu is in English so you should have no problem ordering. The staff is very used to international staff so don’t hesitate to ask for help if there’s something you don’t understand.

WHAT (NOT) TO DO THERE: The boys come over to eat a lot, so please don’t disturb them when they do, despite it being a tempting thing to do.

Fan life in Korea: Sukira

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio is one of the main things you’ll experience as a fan in Korea. Even if you’re not a fan of Super Junior members, you’ll still enjoy being able to see your favorite star grace the small little box that is the Sukira radio studio. This is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of your idol even if it’s just a five second look in the lobby or the hour or two spent by the studio (if you can get close enough to the glass, that is…)

In this particular video, I went to see Heechul at his very first come back to Super Junior and it was quite crazy. So many people! A matter of course when you have one of Korea’s most beloved coming around for a visit, especially right after military service! This shows Sukira on one of it’s busiest nights so that you know what to expect. It can be both a wild night, or a calm every day sort of thing (if you’re a Super Junior fan). I suggest going at least once because what is life if not being able to brag that you’ve went?

If you want to visit yourself, I suggest you visit my official post on how to get to Sukira here. Thanks for watching!

Fan Life in Korea: A Day at Inkigayo

Everyone who is a K-pop fan knows about Inkigayo. It’s a program that has been on air for the last 13+ years and has had every big name you can think of gracing it’s stage. It is also a staple diet for any person is a Kpop fan and lives in Korea.

I’ve already gone and made you a comprehensible guide on how to get to and get into Inkigayo (which you can find if you click here), but Inkigayo is more than just lining up and getting in and seeing your idol; it’s a very social experience. Most of the friends you’ll make in the fandom you’ll make at Inkigayo (or any other of the music shows, really). Standing in line from 5 o’clock in the morning until about 6 at night is a great bonding experience. It also passes a lot of time if you have someone to talk to during those long waiting hours.

Now that I’ve done Inkigayo so many times I’ve kind of lost my motivation to go so early. I now get there almost close to staff calling time and leave immediately after the recording, not even bothering to stay for the live show. It’s not like I can get in with my atrocious number anyway.

Though this was one of the few instances where I did stay for the entire day if only because Henry decided to have a mini fanmeeting after his recording. Perfect for me, who adores this mochi-cheeked violinist with all her fangirl heart.

And what Super Junior fanmeet would be complete without a surprise guest, this time in the form of a very enthusiastic Ryeowook who showed up with purple hair and a ‘Trap’ balloon, waving it cutely from front row.

Henry was adorably speechless for most of the fanmeet. He really had no idea what to say! After his introductions and expressing his thankfulness for our support, he stuttered and laughed, looking around at the staff for an idea of what to say. Usually he’d have an assemblage of band members who were eager to chime in with their own two cents, but he was alone and it was obvious he had nothing planned.
Not that we minded, of course. The fans were happy to give him suggestions, asking if he’d do Gwiyomi for us. He did it somewhat halfheartedly, claiming that it was “Sungmin-hyung’s job” to do the Gwiyomi.

You’re all alone Henry, it’s now your job *cackles insanely*

Though Inkigayo can sometimes be a very long and tiring day, it’s little things like this that make it totally worth my while.

SM Pop-up store and airport vlog!

Another short vlog for your viewing pleasure. I’m working on a few instructional vids for those of us who live in Korea and a video on how to get to coffee cojje is going to be recorded this weekend, hopefully to be uploaded next friday.

Have a good weekend guys!

How to get to Kona Beans/Where is Kona Beans?

The entrance to Kona Beans

Kona Beans is a cafe in Apgujeong run by the mothers of Cho Kyuhyun, Lee Sungmin, and Park Jungsu. It’s a really cozy place where fans and non-fans can have a cup of coffee and just hang out. I, myself, go there many times just to find a quiet place to study away from my home. The mothers are extremely nice and cater to the fans like they would their own children. So you can see it’s a really great place to come to when you’re feeling homesick and just need the right touch of a mother’s love!

ADDRESS: 13 Apgujeong-ro 42-gil (640-9 Sinsa-dong) Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
METRO STOP: Apgujeong Station (명동역) Line 3/Exit 2

You must come out of the exit then TURN AROUND and go the other way. Do not cross any street here.

Turning around from the exit, you will head this way, following the sidewalk as it veers left.

You follow that street left and keep on going straight. Here’s some pictures of the street going straight.

It will be quite a while until you’re there. One of the biggest signs you know you’re going the right way is when you hit the Hyundai Oilbank gas station.

Hyundai Oilbank gas station.

If you keep on going, you’ll finally hit a Blacksmith restaurant, which is a nice pizza chain store that is promoted by JYJ’s Yoochun. At this street, you want to turn right.

The street you’ll be turning on to.

Once you turn left, you will see an angel-in-us on your right and the store just after it is Kona Beans. You’ve arrived!

RECOMMENDATIONS: I, myself, adore their Strawberry smoothies. I almost ALWAYS have them. Their Kona fruit (passion orange) smoothie is just as good if they end up sold out of the strawberry ones (which is possible if you go right after me). Unfortunately I’m allergic to coffee bean so I can’t help you with any coffee selections. I don’t know why, but according to coffee experts (and the fact that I’m from Hawaii and have the obligation to promote my own “country”) Kona coffee is supposed to be one of the best.

WHAT (NOT) TO DO THERE: The inside of the place is nicely decorated to be somewhat Hawaii-esqe but fails somewhat as it’s littered with pictures from the boys (it’s really hard to be genuinely Hawaiian. Take it from a Hawaiian XD). The mothers are gracious and almost always happy to help with any questions you have. But remember that this is a working environment and if they are busy behind the counter or in the back by the bathroom doing paper work, please don’t disturb them! They will take pictures with you and will take gifts if you have them. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure your gifts are limited to letters or small trinkets. I know a lot of us want to give the boys things, but again, it’s a working environment. They aren’t your personal post women. Don’t load them with your gifts and expect them to be delivered. Of course, if you have gifts for the mothers themselves, please feel free to load them with love! They are so caring and grateful for everything ^^