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5 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. I\’ll be in Korea soon to study I want to attend SUJU events in weekends. May I talk to you in emails about this plz? You can see my email id right? ^.^ Thanx!

  2. Hi I apologize for the multiple posts..was wondering if you might be going for any events or shows in the last week of Oct cause I’m traveling to seoul with my mum who would rather not follow me around for any kpop activities. Im finding anyone who may be interested in going together as it is a little intimidating trying it alone for the first time. Super kpop fan here who went for 7 concerts last year in Singapore. Thanks!

  3. Hey there~ I will be staying in Seoul until December 23, and I was wondering if you had any free time to hang out with a foreign friend 🙂 It’s so hard to meet people here. If you try to approach people, they shy away the moment English comes out of your mouth. Luckily for me, people attempt to help me out because I am such a little creature travelling around in a foreign country haha

    It would be awesome to make a cool KPOP friend 🙂 The rest of the people I have met are all University Students that just study study study… and they’re past the KPOP phase, so it makes me sad. Let me know~ ^^

  4. Hi I planning to go seoul on 1st May. I want to join Mcountdown to support T-ara Jiyeon’s solo. Please tell me know what time perform?

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